Dzieło / The Creation

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_____ The Creation _______  Maciej Krzysztof Dąbrowski (MKD Poezje)

(tłum.: Krystyna Jackowska)

I woke up
at dawn,
refreshed, I think,
as artists are – conscious and sober.
Then suddenly, I could hear your tiny whisper again,
…that voice… and silence…
A quiet message
that I can, and want,
and must, just you,
from my memory conjure up.

* * *

Out of melody of your words
is being born so gorgeous, like your white breast,
The Creation !
With lilies` of the valley look
in a crown of hair it quivers,
vibrates with colours black and white…
Before eyes veiled by lashes,
with cascades of light emerges from twilight
created from you –
The Creation !

* * *

Sculpturing you from  my memory
I`m not willing to think
I can miss what`s awaking
before it truly begins.
In creator`s uncertainty I wait.
Maybe this what is unnamed yet,
but infinitely
has already begun…?

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